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Beekman 1802

Shampoo Bar Pure Goat Milk

Shampoo Bar Pure Goat Milk

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With Beekman, there's kindness with beauty.

Beekman 1802 unlocked the science behind goat milk—a centuries-old natural remedy for sensitive skin—and grew from one bar of soap into the world’s biggest goat-milk skincare company.

Your hair will feel good and your conscience will feel great knowing you ditched a single-use plastic bottle for this bar.

  • Goat-milk infused shampoo is packed with enriching shea butter & coconut oil to condition tired hair.
  • Pure and fresh as country life, this fragrance-free, hand-cut bar offers a satisfying sudsy cleanse.
  • Shampoo bar comes in a 3.5 oz bar. 
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