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Broken Top Candle

Saguaro Cactus 4oz Reed Diffuser

Saguaro Cactus 4oz Reed Diffuser

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Agave | Aloe | Moss

Our reed diffuser is a classic and beautifully crafted vessel that efficiently distributes fragrance over a long period of time. Cloaked in our signature botanical artwork, and set off by subtle black reeds, the diffuser is a tasteful addition to every living space. 

Here's what you can expect from your Reed Diffuser:

1. Consistently good smells when you can’t keep an eye on your candle
2. Up to 4 months of your favorite lovely scent.
3. A pretty little piece of décor for you home!

*Product includes 4 oz. of reed diffuser oil, and 6 black reeds*
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