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Raincoast Book

Do You Look Like Your Dog? Memory Game

Do You Look Like Your Dog? Memory Game

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Raincoast Book is a Canadian-owned book wholesale and distribution company based in Vancouver, BC. They distribute books on a wide range of topics including food, health, kids, pop culture, and travel, as well as notebooks, stationery and gift products.

Is it a myth or a fact? Do dogs really look like their owners, or vice versa...  you tell us! This twist on a memory/matching activity is going to bring humans and their canine companions a lot closer.

  • 50 cards depict fun photographs of dogs and owners, and humorous
  • The booklet to provide clues about 25 people and their furry best friends.
  • Play as a memory game with the cards face down for added entertainment. Collect the most pairs to win! 
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