Jasmine Organic Shea

Jasmine Organic Shea

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Jasmine Shea Butter: Jasmine Shea combines organic shea butter with a healthy dose of 100% pure jasmine essential oil. Prized for its mood-lifting scent, jasmine oil is often referred to as the “King of Oils,” and is a rich “Cicatrisant,” meaning it has skin-and-wound healing properties. It works synergistically with lipid-replacing shea butter to improve skin elasticity and balance moisture levels over time.

Our shea butter blends are made from raw shea butter, whipped with enriching vitamin E oil and essential oils. Shea butter is a powerfully nourishing daily moisturizer that goes on smoothly and provides deep nourishment and protection to your skin. It contains fatty acids to replenish lipids in your skin and strengthen its natural barrier. Shea butter helps to regenerate damaged skin, soften and hydrate dry skin, and protect healing or sensitive areas. Amongst other things, we recommend using it on rashes, scars, stretch marks, small wounds, sunburns, acne, dry skin, razor bumps, split ends, chapped lips, cracked heels, and peeling cuticles!

Available in 3.5oz and 1oz sizes. Large tins are great for sitting near your bed side table, on your bathroom shelf, or in your long-term travel bag. Small tins are perfect for everyday use aka slipping in your backpack, bag, or pocket for moisture and protection on the go!

While Shea is distinctive, it is – at its core – a recasting of a natural material that African cultures have been using for hundreds of years. The extracts drawn from Shea Trees are the basis of an African cultural staple and export industry.

We believe our Shea will not only improve the quality of life for millions of people yet to discover the boundless healing and protective powers of raw shea butter, but that our efforts will broaden and strengthen a fair and transparent shea nut and shea butter value chain.

From rural Ghanaian parklands where our shea butter’s kernels are harvested to our manufacturing facility in New Jersey basement in Brooklyn, lots and lots of care and love has been put into every Shea tin.

The Shea Brand team is committed to connecting our brand to the greater Shea butter eco-system in a way that’s both responsible and meaningful. As a company, we will be looking for new ways to be better serve our customers and our stakeholders around the world.